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Dream Weddings & Special Occasions…Packages all wrapped up in an icastelli.net Dream Destination, exclusively ushering you and your guests into the 'modern luxury of ancient time'...

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Planning a destination wedding? Let icastelli.net find the perfect dream destination in that perfect medieval castle or that secluded elegant villa, evocative ancient abbey or luxurious first-class Mediterranean resort, for that unforgettable, fairytale wedding you always dreamed of.

icastelli.net offers unique, sought-after locations, from remarkable Tuscany with its stately villas and vineyards to Veneto and romantic Venice on southward to the Campania region and its astounding Amalfi coast or to the islands and Sicily, jewel of the Mediterranean…all this and much more. Search from the hundreds of destinations across Europe and find the one that’s just right for you.

icastelli.net puts the world’s top Wedding locations at your fingertips. icastelli.net can help you organize and plan the event in collaboration with its local service providers so that every detail is just right for your special day.

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